Active vs. Passive

January 20th, 2016 | Uncategorized

The second semester for my masters course does not start back until January 25th so inbetween coaching and playing I have had a lot of free time. I decided to spend part of this free time on starting my dissertation. In order to get my masters degree, I have to write about a 15,000 word dissertation on a topic that relates to my course. It isn’t due until the end of August but I would love to get as much of it done as I can before the start of summer. 

A hard part is deciding on what topic to research and then narrowing that topic into a specific research question. Right now I’m exploring the topic of Passive vs. Active investing styles. Active investing involves managers trying to beat the market through different methods, insights, and investment styles. Passive investing is investing in index funds which generally flow with the market instead of trying to beat it. There are many pros and cons to the two styles and there has been much debate on which style is better. I worked for a financial firm last summer that specializes in retirement planning so I did a lot of work with index funds and actively managed mutual funds. I also am taking a portfolio management class semester which will cover this topic. I am looking forward to meeting with my supervisor to discuss this topic more once class starts back.


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