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I really loved my time in Amsterdam. We did all of the touristy things that you have to do while you’re there, like snapping a picture in front of the I Amsterdam sign, going on a canal cruise, and even visiting the Red Light District (which was like a different, very bizarre world!). My favorite part though was probably touring the Anne Frank house.


We woke up on our first morning in Amsterdam as the sun came up. We wanted to get to the Anne Frank house before it opened to make sure we got to go in since it said it was sold out online (yet you could somehow still purchase tickets at the door). Unfortunately about 50 other people had the same idea, so we filed in line behind them to wait our turn. Luckily though we were able to see a beautiful pink sunrise which made waiting outside in the cold a little more bearable!


When we actually got into the Anne Frank house, I was pretty excited. I’d read Anne Frank’s diary when I was younger but I never imagined that one day I would be standing where she once stood.


The layout of the tour was fantastic. It started on the bottom floor of the building and wound its way up to the top floor where Anne and her family were actually hiding. Along the way, different videos, artefacts, and factoids told the story of the Frank family’s decision to go into hiding, what it was like to be cooped up there for two years, and their eventual capture. I was fascinated as the tragic story of their lives unfolded right in front of me. It was unsettling to see how Anne Frank, a typical teenage girl, had such a tragic fate befall her. Yet, I was thankful for the experience of seeing history come to life right in front of my eyes. Her story is one that makes me feel extremely lucky for the good fortune I’ve had in my life. As such, touring the Anne Frank house is definitely something I’d recommend to anyone and everyone who travels to Amsterdam. 


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