Blizzard Jonas

January 28th, 2016 | Uncategorized

My hometown experienced a record blizzard this past weekend.  They named it Blizzard Jonas and dumped 31 inches of snow in some regions of the east coast including my backyard.  Schools are still closed as travel conditions are still too dangerous. 


I certainly don’t miss having to shovel and clear my car and driveway. However, I do miss school cancellations and taking advantage of days off with my friends on snow days.  As a child, waking up early to my mom telling me that school was cancelled was like waking up on Christmas morning.  That was one of the best feelings as a kid. 


I’ve been asking around about the frequency and amount of snow that Ireland experiences. The main answer is not to bet on it and if it does happen, don’t expect much. At the same time, it has been significantly dry compared to the perceptions and advice I was given before I came. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what the weather has in store for us this winter season. 



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