Cup Weekend

January 12th, 2016 | Uncategorized

I had heard about the infamous “Cup Weekend” since my arrival to Ireland, as the biggest weekend in Irish basketball. With the top teams in men’s and women’s basketball heading down to Cork to play for a spot in the championship game, my anticipation for the weekend was high. And, to top it all off, the Meteors (my team) had secured a spot in the games for the first time in couple years now! We were to play Glanmire, the home team in Cork, in the last game of the day on Saturday. 
When arriving to the arena Saturday afternoon, I was amazed at the turnout. There were absolutely no seats left! We actually had to sit on the ground while watching the game before ours, while of course cheering on our fellow scholars Katie and Jazmen as they took on Killester (another Premier league team).
Unfortunately, the weekend did not turn out exactly as we had hoped. Basketball has highs and lows, anyone who plays knows this. And this past weekend was just not our weekend. Although extremely disappointed about loosing the game, I am still so proud of our team for making it to the Cup Weekend. Even though we did not play as well as we may have wanted, just being there was an experience within itself, and a weekend I will never forget!

Victory Scholar: Emily Leer

Present University: Trinity College Dublin

US League: Big East Conference

Club/Community Partner: Trinity Basketball Women

Alma Mater: Villanova University

Sponsored by: Teamwear Ireland


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