Encouraging Enthusiasm

January 29th, 2016 | Uncategorized

As an athlete, I am well aware of the power of positive thinking. I think that one of the best ways you can prepare yourself for a game is through visualizing success. Positivity is also a key motivational element for working hard. I think that my first real lesson in the power of positivity in basketball came to me when I was young player at the Future Stars basketball camp.

I remember that, at this camp, our counselors would always get so excited when it was time to do defensive drills. They would yell and cheer and encourage us to do the same. They made us should “I LOVE DEFENSE” as loudly as we could.

Defense is hard, and practicing it rarely fun. When we’re younger, a steal seems so much less glorious than a 3-point shot. It’s the part of practice we get through, hoping a scrimmage comes later. But when the drills are imbued with positivity and enthusiasm, we can come to enjoy what some would consider the least fun part of the game.

I keep this in mind when coaching the U13 Old Leighlin girls. When the time comes for defensive drills, I get more dynamic than ever, claiming I am so excited to practice my FAVORITE part of the game. I yell “Stance!” and make them slap the ground, professing their love for defense. Few of us really do love defense, but the more times you say it, the truer it begins to sound.



Victory Scholar: Lillian McCabe

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