First Ehoops Session of 2016

January 15th, 2016 | Uncategorized

This weeks Ehoops session was one to remember for the Ehoopers and myself.  The young people I am sure will not forget all of the fun we had at vertigo this past Wednesday.  I will never forget it, since it was my first time.  I am really glad I had the chance to experience it with the Ehoopers; they brought the child out of me with all of the bouncing around.  It was a really an uplifting experience to start our first Ehoops session of the year off with non-stop laughter and fun.   After an hour of bouncing around we ordered pizza, now this was a challenging moment for me.  Wednesday was day 3 of my fast so I had not ran into any real tempting situations to break my fast.  I withstood the small test of temptation to break my fast.  The fact that pizza is something I am very accustom to eating is what made it some what of a challenge.  My fasting experience thus far has been very beneficial from a mental and spiritual aspect.  I can feel myself growing with more mental discipline each day.  I truly believe that if we can take control over our thoughts and the outside influences that contribute to how we think then controlling the body becomes easier.  Spiritually I have been more focused on ways that I can strengthen my relationship with God.  I have even been thinking of extending my fasting experience, but for now I will focus on the six days I have coming up and see how I feel then.  Thanks again for reading my blog look out for more updates on my fasting experience.  “To God Be The Glory”   

Victory Scholar: Jonathan McNair

Present University: Ulster University

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Alma Mater: St Thomas Aquinas College

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