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One of the classes this past semester was New Enterprise and Venture creation. Not considering myself as the entrepreneurial-type prior to the course, I wasn’t sure how this class was going to go for me. But Enterprise turned out to be my favorite courses so far this year. The semester-long assignment of starting your own business from the ground up revealed the ups and downs of business that I could have never learned sitting in a lecture.

It was challenging setting up a business to be trade-ready in 10 weeks, and one of the biggest challenges was thinking of something worth selling! When my team was brainstorming and racking our brains for a product to sell, an observation I had in the early weeks here came to mind.

Back at Holy Cross many of my friends had a small pocket that attached to the back of their phones to hold things like student ID cards and bank cards. I made the small observation in my first week of classes that no one had the accessory on their phones at UUJ. As it turned out, my small observation evolved into a business. My team liked the concept and just like that MPP, short for Mobile Phone Pocket, was born.

The experience was truly learning by doing. I discovered that it is one thing to know how to work with 4 other people to put a ball in a hoop, but working with others to start a business is another. At the end of the day, MPP broke even and broke up with the conclusion of the course. We were all a little bit richer but the experience we gained was priceless.


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