My Beautiful Pure Hearted Aunt Edie

January 11th, 2016 | Uncategorized


Aunt Edie was much like her mother and her beautiful sisters in the sense that she never greeted you without a smile and she was tough….All the Stanton’s are tough, products of the Castle Hill projects in the Bronx, NY. None of them would be known to complain and they would put your problems before theirs.

Aunt Edie was special though…..she was different from us all, she was quiet, her heart was pure. I can’t remember her saying anything negative about anyone. She might not say much at the dinner table but you could count on her competing for the fastest time in charades afterwards. Much like an Angel from Heaven no matter where I was in the world I could always count on her sending her love through Facebook commenting on every picture with a “Great picture – Love Always Aunt Edie”. Every Christmas she would always surprise somebody with a picture collage of old times that we had forgot about and make us all shed a tear.

Her sudden death has been hard on us all, I am not sure that I appreciated everything she did while she was with us. It is weird knowing that I will never see another comment from her, I won’t see her in the airport the next time I fly home. However her passing has made me realize how beautiful her heart was and has taught me to not take anything for granted especially the relationships God enables us to create here on earth. I know that she will be watching over us and I hope to make her proud.

This Blog is in Memory of Aunt Edie I love you so much! And to my family back home I am sorry that I cannot be with you to remember her today but I am there in spirit and I want to say thank you and I love you all, I would not be where I am without the love and support I have received from you and Aunt Edie.

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