My Not So Secret Obsession

January 17th, 2016 | Uncategorized

Anyone who knows me… knows that my not so secret obsession is candy, or in Irish lingo, sweets.  I have a crazy sweet tooth for fruity candy otherwise known as jellies and have been developing a love for chocolate as well.  There is no shortage of sweets in Ireland to keep my sweet tooth alive, maybe even more dangerous than America. 


Back home, my favorite candies are fruity ones like Starbursts, Air Heads, Skittles, Frooties, and Sour Straws. No matter where you saw me, you’d more than likely see me snacking on one of these. They kept me going in class, before and during basketball practice and games, or just hanging out.  Throughout college, I devoted a whole drawer in my dresser to candy that my parents and friends would get me and developed my own mini candy bar.


Since I’ve been here, my taste buds have evolved to more chocolate and peanut butter sweets.  I think this is because the quality of dairy in Ireland is better than America. The chocolate is more rich and creamy. I still like the fruity sweets here as well. My favorites here are Starbars, Curly Wurlys, blue rasberry and strawberry Bon-Bons, Sour Strawberries, and Millions. Starbars are chewy cosmos of peanuts, caramel, and chocolate. Curly Wurlys are chocolate covered caramel. Millions look like nerds but are chewy and come in all different flavors. 


My friends and family back home always kept my supply of candy up to date and nothing has changed since I’ve been here.  The friends I’ve met in my classes and basketball have introduced me and keep me stocked on the best sweets in Ireland.  Once again the people I’ve met, bring me to my comfort zone and for this I’m truly thankful.



Victory Scholar: Harrison Deyo

Present University: IT Carlow

US League: MAC

Club/Community Partner: IT Carlow Basketball

Alma Mater: Alvernia University

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