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With the new year here, two teammates and I were looking for something new and challenging to try. There has been a huge buzz going around lately about Yoga so we decided to give it a try. We heard it would help us with our core strength and flexibility but we didn’t exactly know how it would help us. I don’t know much about Yoga and I figured the class would be an hour of stretching….but I was extremely wrong.


The first class was a couple of days ago and I am still sore from the exercises.  My teammate and I are in pretty good shape but about halfway through the class I looked over at him and his face was as red as a tomato, he was dripping in sweat, and he wasn’t even close to being in the correct Yoga position. I immediately started laughing at him until I realized I was drenched in sweat too and wasn’t flexible enough to get in the right Yoga position either. At the end of the class, the other people looked very calm and relaxed, and my two teammates and I looked like we had just run a full marathon. Yoga is definitely a lot harder than I thought and I am looking forward to continuing the class and hopefully becoming flexible enough to actually get in the correct Yoga positions.


Stay tuned to hear about our progression through the semester!





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