New Semester, New Goals

January 13th, 2016 | Uncategorized

On the first of January, as we celebrate Janus, Roman god of transitions and doorways, many of us begin to imitate him. The god is often depicted as having two faces, one looking back at the past and the other looking forward to the future. This visual represents the New Year resolutions that clog our social media at this time of year – looking back on the previous year, what do you want to change in the upcoming one?


I’ve never been a big resolution gal, but returning to Ireland for the second half of my journey here definitely made me reflect on the first half and consider what goals I will bring in to the new semester. Being a college athlete, and now a student of business, I have routinely been told the value of setting quantifiable and reachable goals. According to this habit I have developed, I have come up with a brief list of “New Semester” resolutions:


-I would like to journal more (twice a week) in an effort to better document my life abroad.


-I aim to continue cultivating my friendships that I’ve established with people in Carlow – especially teammates and classmates.


-I read all the time but have a pretty poor memory of books I’ve read in the past, so I’d like to write short reviews of all books I read this year – even if I am the only person who ever sees those reviews.


-Learn how to cook new meals! (Harrison might be weary of this ambition, given how my experiments have turned out in the past)


-To let the liminal god Janus inspire me this year – that I may approach change and transitions with the proper balance of reflection and forward thinking. (I realize this kind of broke the ‘quantifiable goal’ rule, oh well.) 




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