New Year, New Semester

January 11th, 2016 | Uncategorized

Time flies when you’re having fun and the past two weeks of relaxation and traveling was much needed. However, classes at WIT started today and I was not looking forward to start another work heavy semester.


Walking through the door of my morning class, Global Risk Management and Regulation, all of my Global Financial Information Systems (GFIS) classmates turned around and screamed “WELCOME BACK!” Cracking a wide smile on my face, I returned the excitement by saying “HEY GUYS!” Conversations flowing left and right about our Christmas break it was nice reuniting with my WIT friends. Our professor finally walked in, as we were all mid-smiling and mid-laughing.  In my life, it has been a common theme where classmates turn into friends just from bonding over the course workload, spending numerous of school hours on group projects, or simply helping one another out to understand the material in depth. Fortunately, this theme still continues during my time here at WIT.


Already starting the New Year with new courses and so much excitement I was feeling a little bit better. School is a lot more fun studying with people that endure the same academic struggles as you yet transform its stress into positivity and my WIT classmates do exactly that. Fall semester definitely made us closer and cannot wait for all of us to conquer the Spring semester…


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