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I was especially excited to visit Amsterdam because I have some Dutch background (my great great grandparents on my dad’s side came from Holland). However, I experienced a slight hiccup upon arrival when I dropped my phone at the train station platform on our way to the hotel and realized it too late.


By the time I figured out my phone was missing and went back to look for it, it was gone. I’d pretty much given up all hope of finding it again when my friends Sarah and Eilidh—who I was traveling with—received a message from someone that a random person had contacted her about finding my phone! I immediately jumped on the subway and took it to the suburbs of Amsterdam to pick up my phone from the Dutch woman’s house. I brought her some chocolates to say thank you for returning my phone to me; I was not expecting such kindness! I have an iPhone 6, and it was unlocked with no passcode, so she easily could have used it or sold it for a good bit of money. I’m so lucky my phone was picked up by such a kind and honest person!


After that experience, I felt like it was only fair to pay that woman’s kindness forward. So, I gave the change in my pocket to the homeless every time I passed one of them for the rest of my travels; I helped a woman carry her stroller and baby down the crowded subway steps; and I even donated to a foundation for the deaf and mute.


The Dutch woman’s kindness spurred me to be more thoughtful with my actions and help those in need with what little I could. I’m thankful for her kindness in returning my phone, but more grateful that her honest act forced me to think critically about the different ways I could brighten someone’s day—even a stranger—with a small act of kindness, whether it be giving some change, holding a door open, or even just a genuine smile. 


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