The Love of the Game

January 13th, 2016 | Uncategorized

As you can read from my last blog, this past weekend was the semi finals of the National Cup. My team, the Meteors, played Glanmire, a top team. Although we were winning for the majority of the game, we unfortunately couldn’t pull of the win in the packed arena in Cork. Although my team and I were absolutely devastated on Saturday and Sunday after losing such an important game, a though came to me. I thought to myself, “How lucky am I to love a game so much that a loss devastates me to thisn degree?” My whole team had this feeling after the game. It goes to show how much we care and how much work we have put in to improve. If someone hadn’t put in the work to prepare for a game, a loss would not even phase them. It shows our love for the game, and it shows that rather than backing down we will work harder to get to the top in the regular season!



Victory Scholar: Meghan McGuinness

Present University: Trinity College Dublin

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Club/Community Partner: Meteors Ladies Basketball

Alma Mater: Niagara University

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