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I was at John and Nelly Hayes’ home for dinner one night this week with Jillian Hayes and her seven-year-old son, Darragh. During the course of the meal, Darragh reminded his mother that it was time to bring in donations again to his school. These donations would go towards the less fortunate in Africa. Twice a year, Darragh’s school asks each student to bring in just twenty pence (cents for my American readers) to donate.


“Well did you tell your teacher how much you donated last time?” Jillian asked her son. And then she filled me in on the story of what had happened.


Earlier in the year, Darragh had asked her for the 20 pence to bring into school. Jillian scrounged around in her purse and gathered up about 90 pence for him, thinking that would be plenty for him to bring to school. The next day though, she went into Darragh’s room after he left for school and noticed that his coin collection was nearly empty. It had previously held a colorful array of gold, silver, and copper coins totaling about ten euros.


Darragh had brought the vast majority of his savings into school to donate to those less fortunate than him.


Jillian scolded him lightly, saying that if he wanted to bring in more money, he should have asked her instead of using his own money. “Those are your savings Darragh,” she said. “You shouldn’t have used your money!”


Darragh replied, leaning towards his mother with a very serious look in his big brown eyes, “How would you like to be poor?”


Even though Jillian scolded Darragh for sneaking and using his savings without telling her, I think she was very proud of her son’s actions deep down.


Darragh’s young mind taught us all a little lesson that day. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much you can give; as long as you keep the spirit of giving alive in yourself, the world is bound to be a better place.



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