The Start of A New Year

January 3rd, 2016 | Uncategorized

The first few days of the New Year I have done a lot of reflecting on 2015 and how wonderful a year it was for me.  2015 was a really good year that brought much growth within my life.  This past year for me was filled with blessings in many different areas.  Although the year like all years was not all smiles the good times have lasted much longer than the bad times and for that I am truly grateful.  My growth during 2015 did not always render the best feelings, as expected in any year.  I now have a better understanding that with more blessings more responsibility is required.  The Sport Changes Life Foundation has revealed to me how much more responsibility I can manage.  In 2016 I look forward to doing more and challenging myself to excel in more areas.  I will be working to enhance the way I balance my responsibilities this year.  I believe that balance becomes increasingly vital with the more responsibilities that we take on.  I aim to not allow one area of my life to be neglected two days in a row.  2016 will be a year filled with more blessings, although just like any other year challenge and struggle can be expected.  I look forward to the tough times as well as the days when it feels as if the sun won’t stop shining my way.  The tough times in life can bring growth so I pray that God does not lighten my load but strengthens me so that I can carry the weight that will be placed on my shoulders.  2016 will be an awesome year for you and me so let’s be focused and never give up.  I appreciate all of you who have been reading my blogs and I wish you a healthy and prosperous new year. “To God Be The Glory”       


Victory Scholar: Jonathan McNair

Present University: Ulster University

US League: East Coast Conference

Club/Community Partner Ulster Elks/ Andersonstown Tigers

Alma Mater: St Thomas Aquinas College

Sponsored By: Teamwear Ireland


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