21st Century Pen Pals

February 23rd, 2016 | Uncategorized

This past weekend I babysat at the Deegan household. During my time over here in Ireland, I have gotten very close to the Deegan family, as they have taken me in as one of their own. With that being said, when I babysit for them, I hardly consider it babysitting, it’s just another day hanging out with my Irish fam.


Harry, who is 9, loves to play his Xbox, which means when I come over I get to play as well… can’t say I hate it! But similarly, I have twin brothers back home that are of similar age to Harry, who also love playing video games.


After playing a game of NBA 2k16 with Harry, I remembered that my brothers absolutely love playing that game as well. After shooting a quick text home, my brothers and Harry were able to connect their Xbox’s to play each other in a game of NBA 2k16. Not only could they play against each other, but they also could talk back and forth to each other while the game was going on.


I was absolutely amazed by this entire thing. I would consider myself pretty good with technology, and I still was astounded that my brothers could talk and play against us in a video game all the way over in Ireland.


The most hilarious part was hearing my brother’s responses to the Irish accent. Being only 10 years old, they haven’t been around too many people with accents. On multiple occasions my brothers had no idea what Harry had said.


In a way, it was like my brothers had just become the equivalent to pen pals through video games. Gone are the days where you create pen pals by writing letters back in forth through snail mail. It is ridiculous how quickly technology has advanced.


 I thought it was so cool to see my two worlds interact. More importantly, to expose my brothers to another culture different than their own. Hopefully one day they can actually meet each other, I have a feeling they would be pretty good friends.  


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