February 4th, 2016 | Uncategorized

Early last week, my mom and I were discussing my sister’s upcoming 30th birthday and the surprise party my brother in law had planned. My mom was telling me how busy everyone in the family seemed to be that weekend, and I rebutted that it was a shame that I had no obligations interfering with the event- only a couple thousand miles and a whole ocean. But after a quick search, we saw that those couple thousand miles were not so insurmountable given the inexpensive flights available. And so with the permission of my SCL family, I headed home for the weekend.  

Most of the family congregated at our house on Friday night for a family dinner (barring my sister Rachel, who we were all surprising the next day). It was great to eat my dad’s delicious home-cooked meal and drink my favorite flavored carbonated water (which I can’t find anywhere in Ireland! The sugar-filled stuff just isn’t the same). Surprising Rachel on Saturday was so fun; the perplexed face followed by a, “What?! How are you here?!” 

 Of course, a weekend home wouldn’t be complete without some quality time with the babes! Baby Nathan already looks bigger since Christmas, and is such a sweet smiler. Playing peek-a-boo with a 3-month old really has a way of convincing you you’re a destined comedian – he chuckles every time! And Abigail was adorable as usual, telling me all about the new Star Wars toys and having me read books to her.  

I’m so glad I got to visit home for the weekend! I returned to Carlow feeling energized to finish out this last leg of my Irish journey. 


Victory Scholar: Lillian McCabe

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Alma Mater: Davidson College

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