Everyone Needs A Mentor

February 3rd, 2016 | Uncategorized

The positive impact that youth receive from having a mentor is often overlooked.  Here in Northern Ireland the Sports Changes Life Foundation runs a program called Ehoops. Ehoops focuses on mentoring youth through sport and practical education promoting teamwork, confidence, and conflict resolution.  I have the opportunity to be a mentor to so many of the youth here in Northern Ireland because of the Ehoops program.  The most recent Ehoops session made me think about how important mentors were in my life as a teenager.  Many of the coaches that I gained through basketball were off the court mentors for me.  The guidance that I received from my coaches off the court helped me to stay focused on being the best student athlete I possibly could.  My teammate and Sports Changes Life brother James Zuccaro who is here in Ireland started telling me about how impactful having positive mentors was for him as a youth.  We went on to discuss how no matter what your background is we all need someone to help us get to the next level in life.  My Mentors helped expose me to the world outside of my hometown of Washington DC.  The mentors I had growing up had traveled the world through their athletic and academic experiences in life.  My mentors presence in my life was so important because my vision of success was not limited to just my family and what my community offered.  The guidance and exposure that mentors provide is what makes them valuable to the youth.  The possibilities for success are limitless when youth receive proper guidance and exposure.  Guidance is what youth need to navigate through their teenage years.  Exposure offers young people a look at the world outside of their community.  More exposure can inspire new goals and visions in the life, especially in youth.  Mentoring to the youth here in Northern Ireland has been a rewarding experience that has made me more thankful for all of the mentors I had throughout my life. I look forward to getting back to Washington DC and mentoring the youth who live in my community. “To GOD Be The Glory”  

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