Feeling Uneasy

February 5th, 2016 | Uncategorized


By this I mean that I’m at a point where I am starting to think about what the future holds. Last year I was debating going into the workforce with a “real job,” or to try to continue playing basketball. I was fortunate to strike gold and land the opportunity to coach, play, and study in Ireland as part of Sport Changes Life. However, I do not know if I will strike gold again this year or not, which leaves me uneasy about the future. I do know, however, that I will be very well prepared for whatever opportunity lies ahead.  I have already learned more than I could have imagined from the opportunity to be independent while living and studying in a different country and culture. I am much more prepared to face the challenges that lie in the uncertain future. Knowing this makes an uneasy and frightening situation seem not so bad. Sport Changes Life is largely to thank for this.



Victory Scholar: Cory Starkey 

Present University: NUI Galway

US League: Patriot League 

Club/community partner: Galway Titans 

Alma Mater: Bucknell University 

Sponsored by: Teamwear Ireland 

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