Full Circle

February 25th, 2016 | Uncategorized

I have my last home UL Eagles game coming up this weekend. We play the number one team in the league, which is Templeogue, but what is ironic about my last home game is Templeogue has a former Victory Scholar on their team. The former Victory Scholar is Paul Cummins and I first talked to him about a year and a half ago.


I reached out to Paul last year to learn more about the Victory Scholar program and to hear about his experience.  At the time, I was interested in applying for the Victory Scholar program and Paul answered all my questions and gave me advice. I had never met Paul before but the reason I reached out to him and not another former Victory Scholar is because I found out that Paul went to Ravenscroft for high school, which just so happens to be the rival school to my high school.


I went to Broughton High School and everyone in Raleigh knows how big of a rivalry Ravenscroft vs. Broughton is. Broughton is one of the largest public schools in Raleigh and Ravenscroft is the largest private school.  Paul is older than me but a lot of my friends in my neighborhood that went to Ravenscroft knew of him. I wrote a previous blog about all the connections I have found between my life in Ireland and my life back in America and Paul is one of them.


I find it fitting that my last home game in Ireland will be against a player that attended my rival high school and is a former Victory Scholar. What are the odds?


I’m excited for the matchup!




Victory Scholar: Staats Battle

Present University: University of Limerick

US League: ACC

Club/Community Partner: UL Eagles

Alma Mater: North Carolina State University

Sponsored by: Teamwear Ireland


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