Gwen Knows Best

February 29th, 2016 | Uncategorized

Given the title, it should come as no surprise that Gwen is my wonderful mother. 🙂 When I called her on Thursday, I already knew what her response would be but I wanted to hear it from her.



The Situation: Should I stay home and rest up between a late Friday night battle in Cork and an early Sunday game? Or should I capitalize on my classmates’ invitation to the Cliffs of Moher? Yes. Yes. I’m sure it seems as though there shouldn’t have been much of a debate, but what can I say? I have my couch potato moments. Thankfully, Mom had no qualms in highlighting the error of my ways. I made short work of buying the ticket and graciously the Titans Club allowed me the time off to go see one of Ireland’s greatest tourist attractions.



Saturday morning, I pulled myself out of bed, crusty-eyed and tired but excited. I met my 6 classmates at the bus station before boarding with Lally Tours. Our driver Daren (Probably nowhere near the Irish spelling so apologies 0_o) was a laugh from the start. He gave his personal background, shared the most bizarre questions he’s been asked, played Irish music, and even gave us a history, language, and tax law lesson. (I’m not kidding lol)

We explored (read: I crouched through) Aillwee Cave before heading to the Cliffs on what was a beautiful, clear day in County Clare. After some risky photos and getting sufficiently muddy, it was time to unload our potluck picnic. Yum 😛 Eventually, we piled back on to the bus before heading through the Burren, up the Oceanside and making a pit stop at Dungaire Castle. When we pulled back into the station at 5:45, I was thoroughly exhausted but was so glad to have gone. My classmates are nothing but laughs and the fresh air was soul cleansing. Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks Mom!



Victory Scholar: Marritta Gillcrease
Present University: NUI Galway
US League: MAAC
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Alma Mater: Rider University
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