In the Hands of the Coach

February 12th, 2016 | Uncategorized

Coaches are in a powerful position to impact many lives. Every Wednesday and Thursday, Katie Fox and I coach young girls at Mercy Primary School. After five weeks of instruction and various basketball drills, I’ve noticed less and less girls sit out on the session and actually join in as the weeks continue. The exhilaration doesn’t just come from the girls, but teachers are pleased as well.


Katie and I were done for the day ready to head home and one of the teachers came up to talk to us. She was raving about how good we are with the children and how the girls really love coming to our coaching blocks as they view us as “Fun Superstars” from America.


Then she went on about a particular girl we coach with Autism. In the first week of our session, she sat out. Anxiety of putting herself out there, she decided to watch from the sideline. But her disinterest in our sessions quickly changed when she realized how fun they were. I never would’ve thought I would be in a position that encourages youth to come out of their shell. For the remaining coaching sessions, her sense of worry faded, feeling privileged to be the source of her willingness to participate ultimately making a positive difference in her life.


As a coach, it is amazing how much of an impact we have on people’s lives. Coaches possess a power that determines the very experience of many players. Fortunately, my coaching experience has been a good one. One that seems to heal, encourage, inspire, and create joy for these young Irish children. I don’t feel that I’m just giving back to the community, I feel like I’m giving life to the children thanks to the Sport Changes Life Foundation.



Victory Scholar: Jazmen Boone

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