Post-Graduation Plans, a poem

February 9th, 2016 | Uncategorized

Maybe if I knew what I should choose

I’d be excited rather than anxious

But instead I just feel numb.

And stressed.

Even when I take big breaths,

it’s like the weight of the world is on my chest.

I. Can’t. Breathe.

But thankfully it’s the future

and not an officer weighing down on me.

They don’t want me to get political.

They want me to smile more and say less.

But just like after I grab a rebound

I put my pen down and the page becomes my outlet.

See, I’m lucky. I have options.

I’m educated and determined.

But even those qualities won’t protect me from society’s problems.

I have 2 choices.

I could stay abroad and keep ballling.

Light years beyond the player I was 

when they took my jersey and encased it.

Mystics showed me the game differently.

I’m 22.

They ask me why go to work if I could stay and embrace it?

…Or I could go home and answer my calling

I’m across the Atlantic, not on a new planet.

Biased American media coverage is infrequent 

yet I still cannnot stand it.

And if I’m numb its because I’m mad,

Mad I might have to give up the game

Mad these issues still remain

But I don’t need to name names 

to illustrate just how things haven’t changed.

They say if you educate a woman,

you educate a nation.

My Master’s is almost finished.

I’m just hoping the people can stay patient.

Can we stomach more promises of long awaited liberation?






Victory Scholar: Marritta Gillcrease
Present University: NUI Galway
US League: MAAC
Club/Community Partner: Galway Titans
Alma Mater: Rider University
Sponsored by: Teamwear Ireland

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