Power of the Mind

February 16th, 2016 | Uncategorized


I learned a nice lesson about the power of the mind and how influential doubt or faith can be in using its power today while shooting in the gym. Kelly and I had a nice cardio workout during the day before my meeting with the physical therapist at school. The workout was a little faster then I planned for so I was a bit early for my appointment. I figured I would get some shots up to pass the time.


Technically I was not cleared to shoot yet so I was a bit nervous to shoot but I had been anxious to see how it felt. I shot a few times and thought that with the pain and instability that I was not ready. It didn’t feel right, I asked myself if I was scared, or if it really was my shoulder holding me back.

20 minutes later I was given a new rehab exercise by the therapist and due to my range of motion and strength I was cleared to shoot. I went back in the gym to shoot and although I was fatigued I was close to pain free. I realized it was all in my head, once the physio cleared me I had all the confidence in the world.


Thinking back it makes me mad I should have had faith, but instead I let the doubt creep in and it overcame my faith. Today was just another step in achieving my goals, becoming a better person, strengthening my faith, letting go and letting God. Thanks for reading …..

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