Senior Night Sadness

February 26th, 2016 | Uncategorized

It hasn’t been an easy past couple of weeks for two of my closest friends, the Coyer twins. Last week, Caroline, who is one of the top players (if not the top) in the Big East, blew her knee out during practice; within 24 hours we found out that her final senior season had abruptly came to an end. It was a tough couple of days for her and all those who care about her; I am not going to lie, I even started crying when I heard the bad news. But after sulking for a couple hours, everyone readjusted their attitudes and realized that the world or her world had not ended, and  that injuries are part of basketball, just another hurdle to overcome; knowing Caroline, she’ll come back better than ever. She has had an amazing career playing at Villanova and has left her mark on our programs history, and more importantly, is one of the best teammates and friends a girl could ask for. 
So yeah, I will be crying this Sunday as her and her sister Kath, my other closest friend, have their last home game. With so many memories with them and the whole senior class, it is bittersweet watching their careers come to an end. All of the seniors had a huge part of my 5 years at Nova, and it’s wild to think they are all grown up now. I still remember all of their recruiting trips, when they were just little babies in High school visiting Nova to see if they would want to come here; some funny memories (that probably weren’t all that funny at the time). 
I know all of them will be onto bigger and better things, but I will never forget all of the good times and the bad times we had together; I would not change a thing for the world. 
Can’t wait to see where the world takes all of them, but I hope it’s never to far! 🙂

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