February 23rd, 2016 | Uncategorized

This weekend I got to chance to watch the Gaelic Football Sigerson, or varsities tournament. For the American readers, each sport at the university level has a national tournament once a year that everyone calls ‘varsities.’ This year, the site for the football tournament was right here in Jordanstown. Some of the international students decided to check out our home team’s semifinal match last Saturday.

Gealic football was like nothing and everything I’ve seen before. I can only describe it as a combination of a handful of other sports. You can kick it like soccer, but run it like American football. You can score like a soccer goal, but also like a field goal through two posts above the net. All of this happens with what looks like a volleyball, which is sometimes passed around like a serve. It was also the closest thing to Quiddich I’ve ever seen. For having no idea what exactly I was watching, I really enjoyed watching it!

In the end, the game ended in heartbreak with Ulster losing to DCU in a match that came down to the wire. Always next year, lads!



Victory Scholar: Clare Sullivan

Present University: Ulster University

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