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When I suggested to my friends in Ireland that we all watch the Super Bowl together, I failed to think about the fact that we were in a different time zone and that the Super Bowl would actually be on TV here at 11:30 at night. Nevertheless, we persevered, buying snacks and caffeinated drinks that we hoped would keep us awake throughout the game.


We gathered Sinead’s living room around a cozy fire—which was probably a mistake because it made me instantly drowsy. I guess it made Sinead sleepy too because she drifted off during the pregame show. When she woke up just as the first quarter began, she jokingly said, “Well at least I made it to the start of the match,” and then went off to bed.


Jaz and I munched on our snacks in an effort to stay awake as the game went on. Eventually when the halftime show finished around 2:00am, Jaz finally gave in and went to bed too. I was the last man standing as I tried to finish out the entire game. I dozed off near the end of the third quarter when I just couldn’t stay up any longer.


I ended up missing the end of the game, and all of the ads that were played during the commercials in America—apparently those same ads aren’t streamed in Ireland! Ironically, the one time I actually wanted to watch commercials, I wasn’t able to.


Nonetheless, it was still a great night. I’m happy I got to watch the Super Bowl with my friends here in Ireland, even if we all slept through half of it.  



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