You didn’t hear?

February 21st, 2016 | Uncategorized


Back home, my friends and I would always do this joke called, “You didn’t hear?” When someone asks you a question, you simply respond, “You didn’t hear?” and leave it at that. The person will look confused and answer, “No, I didn’t hear, what happened?” And that’s when you shake your head like you can’t believe it and slowly walk away. I know it sounds like a really pointless joke but try it someone time when your friends don’t expect it and its actually pretty funny.  It leaves the person really curious and really puzzled.  You can respond “You didn’t hear?” to literally any question and it will work. My friends and I would say it all the time that it has almost become a habit for me to respond to questions that way.


When I coach the 9u age division, the kids always have so much energy. They are enthusiastic to be there and always ask me a million questions. One day I decided to do the “You didn’t hear?” to respond to them. They would ask, “How big are your shoes?” “Can you dunk?” “Have you played against Steph Curry?” and so on and so on. I answered all their questions with the “You didn’t hear?” and it drove them absolutely crazy. The other coach that was helping me was laughing so hard and it was all good fun until the next training session where it ended up completely backfiring on me.


At the next training session (and every training session since), as soon as I walked into the gym, I was surrounded by the kids all saying, “You didn’t hear!? You didn’t hear!? You didn’t hear!?” They were saying it over and over without me even saying anything. I quickly learned my lesson that I need to pick my jokes more carefully. 




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