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March 25th, 2016 | Uncategorized

This weekend was jam packed with basketball excitement but before I get into that I would like to reflect on my experience without a phone for a weekend. I know it seems simple but it honestly put things in a different perspective for me. I gave my phone to my girlfriend Kelly for the weekend because I have service and she doesn’t. I wanted her to be able to contact me or her parents if anything happened as she went to pick her good friend Nicole up from the airport in Dublin. They had a blast in Dublin and I had quite an interesting time learning how attached to my phone I have become. I learned how impatient I am, I constantly found myself wondering what time it was whether I was waiting for a train of just walking around campus. I also couldn’t wait back to get back to wifi so that I could contact people who missed me (basically nobody). On a serious note it made me think about everything I could be missing out on because I am so attached to my phone. So my next challenge will be to leave my phone at home the next few journeys and see what I can observe on this lovely island.

Okay now for the basketball. I would be lying to you if I told you there was one point throughout the whole weekend where I wasn’t nervous As we had the two biggest games of the year in one weekend. On Friday we were facing elimination from the A bracket of Varsities in Galway if we lost we would be put in the B bracket. On top of this it would mark my first college game back since my shoulder dislocation. We came out fighting and dominated Tallagh IT and with the help of my teammates giving me confidence I hit a career high 9 three pointers! I was so proud of my team we played hard and together and with that win I feel confident that we can pull off a few upsets in varsities next week. Stay tuned for a Cinderella story folks…..

We couldn’t celebrate for long though because Sunday we had to play North Star in the most important game of the year for the club league. If we won we would win the league but if we lost we would be known as the biggest losers in Northern Ireland history….at least that’s how it seemed in my head. We fought really hard all game and although we came close we lost a hard fought battle :(………Just Kidding! We won and became Northern Ireland Wing Foot League champs baby! I couldn’t be more proud of my teammates and their efforts and I have to thank coach Pat and Gary for leading us all year! Thanks for reading folks and Happy Easter to all!

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