A Few Firsts

March 22nd, 2016 | Uncategorized

While at Kiran’s parents house this week, I’ve experienced a few firsts besides the Blarney Stone journey.  I had a duck egg for breakfast, rode a double-decker bus, and went to a driving range for the first time in Ireland.  I was hesitant about the duck egg at first, but Mrs. Chopra told me that the only difference is they’re bigger and have more protein than a chicken egg.  It tastes the same as any other egg I’ve ever had and I enjoyed the change up. 


The other first was hitting a few balls on an Irish driving range with Kiran and a friend of his, Jack.  The driving range had automatic ball replacers which I thought was amazing.  I’ve been to tons of nice country clubs across America but have never seen one before so I was very impressed. The double-decker bus was cool for me but not as exciting as I imagined my whole life.  We sat on the upper level obviously and took it into Cork city for some food and to pick up Trey from the train station.  


I am very thankful and blessed to check more firsts off my list this year.



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