March 5th, 2016 | Uncategorized

We say it all the time, we hashtag it and post it; we even wear it on our clothes. But how exactly are we, meaning collectively the SCL and Scholars, changing the lives of the kids we coach? 


Me and Meg’s outreach program works with inner-city Dublin schools, bringing the kids to our Trinity gym during their school day for a nice little session of basketball. The groups we work with are mixed between girls and boys, some are basketball players and some are just there for fun. Throughout the program, the transformation has been noticeable; some of the groups would have dreaded coming to the coaching earlier on, where now, everyone comes rushing in excited to grab a ball and play. 


So how have we, Meg, myself and of course Hugh our community partner, affected their lives? Over the past couple of weeks, the teachers and principals of the schools have repeatedly mentioned that noticeably more kids show up for school on the days we coach. Teachers laughingly describe that ‘kids will miss any other day but not the day they have basketball’.


We might not be molding future NBA stars (keeping my fingers crossed though), but the mere fact that what we do motivates these kids to come to school more often, that our program gives them something to look forward too–well that’s all the #change I could of asked for.


Victory Scholar: Emily Leer

Present University: Trinity College Dublin

US League Partner: Big 5

Club/Community Partner: Meteors Ladies Basketball

Alma Mater: Villanova University

Sponsored by: Teamwear Ireland

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