Classmates, from China to Nigeria

March 11th, 2016 | Uncategorized

We’ve got girls from China, a bunch of classmates from Germany, a couple from India and France, and then Turkey, Italy, the UAE, Austria, and Nigeria.
I love Americans, but I have to say, I have absolutely LOVED having classes and building relationships with such a diverse group of international classmates. Over these months I have gotten to understand the cultures that each of my classmates come from and how they shape their personalities. It’s sort of a running joke in our class, the Germans are the rule followers, the Irish are the talkers, the Americans are obnoxious, the French are posh; obviously all stereotypes of each culture but stereotypes that we all embrace and can laugh at. 
They are an impressive group of students; many of them speak at least 3-4 languages, have lived, worked and traveled all over the world, and now are doing a Master’s in their non-native tongue. I always think to myself, “imagine if I tried doing a Master’s in Spanish (FYI which I studied in college)?” LOL….don’t know how well that’d go!
Sure, it can be challenging at times working with such a diverse group— but isn’t the name of my Master’s International Management?! There is no better book that can teach me all that I’ve learned from simply collaborating with my classmates; it is international management at its finest. 

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