College Ball

March 6th, 2016 | Uncategorized

Last week, the NUIG college basketball team I am on won our regular season semifinal game against Dublin Institute of Technology. This punches our ticket to play in the championship game against Griffith College, in the National arena in Dublin. From what I understand NUIG has rarely won the regular season title, so having the chance to play for this is a huge honor.

This team is enjoyable to play with because it is a unique mix of players from surrounding club teams as well as some that do not play on any club teams at all. There are representatives from the clubs Moycullen, Maree, and Galway Titans. It’s great to see when players from many different backgrounds can come together and contribute to making a team.  Going forward, in both the regular season finals, as well as the varsities tournament, it is important that we continue to get contributions from all these members.  It’s contributions from all these different people that have allowed us to get to where we are, and it’s what we need to continue going further. 


Victory Scholar: Cory Starkey 

Present University: NUI Galway

US League: Patriot League 

Club/community partner: Galway Titans 

Alma Mater: Bucknell University 

Sponsored by: Teamwear Ireland 


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