Ending on a High Note

March 6th, 2016 | Uncategorized

The 14u Elks season has come to a close. I would have liked to start this blog by announcing that my 14u Elks finished our win-less season with a win. Unfortunately, that’s not how it turned out. Tonight we lost our last match of the season to Queens. But after the game was over, I told the girls there was no reason why they shouldn’t leave the gym with their heads held high. Girls who were mastering catching and shooting at the beginning of the season were driving to the bucket for layups tonight. We were stealing the ball off our opponents instead of the other way around. The second half of the game was one of the best halves of team basketball we played all year! The pinnacle of our progress as a team came in our final game and I couldn’t be prouder. Despite the score and our overall record, it was a joy to hear the girls in the locker room after the game. They were talking amoungst themselves saying it was the most fun they had playing all season. As a coach, I couldn’t ask for more than that. I’m so proud of the girl’s progress week after week. It was pleasure coaching my mini Elks this season!


Victory Scholar: Clare Sullivan

Present University: Ulster University

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