Family and Hoops

March 6th, 2016 | Uncategorized


This past weekend I coached the 18u Elks women’s team in their last game of the season, this game would mark the last regular season game that they would all be playing together before going to college. This team dominated the whole year in the BNI league and since the 18 year olds on that team were 13 they have remained undefeated in the League! It’s something I feel blessed to be apart of. One of the reasons they are so successful is the bond that they share with each other. The girls, parents and coaches at every age group are a family. Our last game was in Kilkenny which was 2 hours away and you what have thought it was a home game for us with how loud our parents were!


Seeing those parents every week makes me very happy and it makes me so appreciative of the family I had growing up to watch games. In the last blog I wrote I talked about how the negative people in your life can be used to motivate you but I need to give a special thanks to my family and everything they have done to motivate me on my journey on the positive side of that negativity though.


My mother never missed a game that she could be at even when I didn’t see the floor. Watching them all walk in for my senior game last year brought tears to my eyes because of how supportive they are of me. Seeing the parents of the Elks also makes me appreciate my beautiful girlfriend Kelly and her lovely family who took me in when I was at school in the Bronx. There is something so liberating about sport when you know you are giving your all with your family in the stands and I must say in all those close games we had hearing Kelly’s tank of father jumping up and down yelling “take em all on Jimmy” with Kelly her mother and brothers all yelling as loud as can be it gave me all the confidence in the world. Your family sees all the work that has been put into it so their support makes victory that much sweeter and defeat that much easier to overcome. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with so the these amazing people and  people I have met here in Ireland and I look forward to spreading his love with as many people as I can while I’m still here. 


The whole elks organization is a strong unit from the 14u girls squad all the way through to the Senior Men’s team and I have to say it feels great to be a part of it all. Everyone on the Elks Men’s team including the coaches were so welcoming it made my transition here a beautiful one and it has reinstalled in me the idea that relationships formed are the most important aspect of a team. 


I would like to close by saying happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mother because it is Mother’s Day here in Northern Ireland! I love you so much and thanks for the meatballs recipe!


Victory Scholar: James Zuccaro

Present University: Ulster University

US League: Skyline Conference

Club/Community Partner: Ulster Elks

Alma Mater: College of Mount Saint Vincent

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