From Tourist to Tour Guide

March 5th, 2016 | Uncategorized

Last week, my dear friend Hannah came to visit me again! So many parts of her trip were as amazing as expected. She joined in a basketball practice with the IT, which was so fun, and then was our best fan when she came to cheer us on at our games. We cooked breakfast for dinner for some of my closest friends here in Carlow, where the main event was some American bacon that Hannah had brought from home. I enjoy the good rasher here and there, but nothing can beat some real bacon.


But it was one aspect of her visit that I found surprisingly satisfying. Showing her around made me realize that I feel comfortable and familiar enough here to show someone else around and be their guide. I have gone from being the tourist to the tour guide. It was awesome to be able to show her around Kilkenny with the confidence of a regular (I can thank my Irish friend Alan for that confidence, for he had shown me around the city just the week previous), and to translate the odd idiosyncratic Irish saying. Hannah’s visit was primarily incredible because of all the time we got to spend together. But I’m also grateful that her visit showed me just how comfortable and familiar with my second home I have become! 



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