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March 9th, 2016 | Uncategorized

I sat down with my Under 15 girls before practice today for a wee discussion in honor of International Women’s Day yesterday. All 9 of them had know the significance of the day and when asked how they knew the answer was unanimous- SNAPCHAT! (It’s slightly terrifying that Snapchat is a prominent source of information these days but I digress lol). They were all happy enough to be members of the ‘fairer sex’ but some admitted they wouldn’t mind being a boy for a day, ‘maybe’. 


When I asked them what was their favorite part about being a girl–whatever that might mean–the answers were various and sort of profound.


“We get to look pretty”. – Kate

“We’re rough with words but not physical”. – Julia

“People underestimate me,” said Michelle “…but then we’re like BAM!” added Roisín.


I thought it was pretty cool that being underestimated and the ‘element of surprise’ was something they positively associated with being a girl. Definitely quite a different outlook than the negative connontation ‘glass ceiling’ normally has for women everywhere.


Of course, we discussed the trials of being a female athlete as well. Kate and Claire were quite outraged that because they’re girls, its assumed that they’re bad at sport. Even worse, their male counterparts trivialize their accomplishments (like making a team) by saying it was easy for them. While I know just how they feel, I hope I’m teaching them that true talent cannot be denied, that every time they step into a room or on the court its a chance to let their talent speak for itself. Finally, when I asked them if boys had a role in their future plans Hazel responed, “…Maybe when I’m OLD but until then I can do what I want”.  What a great statement and I couldn’t argue with her. lol





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