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March 4th, 2016 | Uncategorized

This week was a stressful class week for me here at Trinity to say the very least. BUT, it has probably been the best learning experience from a class I have had in my entire life. This week’s class at Trinity – Applied Marketing Strategy – consisted of a simulation of 9 years of running a business in 5 days. It was an online game in which different “teams” in the class developed and marketed their products to the market and competed against each other. Each “round” consisted of a year of the business. We had to complete market research, allocate our budget in the right way, and deliver the right products to the right customers while still making a profit. My group had our fair share of 12-hour workdays, but we saw some success. Instead of merely sitting in the classroom, we actually got real-life experience that we can bring with us to our future jobs, while having some fun as a team as well. Granted, it was all so that we could get a decent grade, but in the future we’ll be making some real money!


Victory Scholar: Meghan McGuinness

Present University: Trinity College Dublin

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