Happy Mum’s Day

March 13th, 2016 | Uncategorized

In America, Mother’s Day is always on the second Sunday of May; however, the Irish have a different way of doing things. Ireland celebrated their Mother’s Day last Sunday, for all of the Irish Moms or “Superwomen”. I dedicate this blog to all of the hard working, strong, selfless, loving moms out there that sacrifice all of their time and love for their children. Without your discipline, amazing cooking, and patience with raising such rebellious children, we would all be hopeless in this world.


My Irish family here in Waterford has a very special hero and her name is Jillian Hayes. She deals with Katie and I’s laundry every weekend, cooks us delicious, homemade meals, and welcomes us into her home to watch endless basketball games and play games with her children. My Irish sister, who I get the pleasure of coaching this talented girl on my 12 and under Wildcats basketball team, wrote a lovely card for her mother on Mother’s Day and it brought me back to memories when I would make homemade cards for my mommy when I was a little girl. On the front of the card, it read:


“Happy Mother’s Day: I <3 U”


And on the back, it read:


“Number 1 Mother: Jillian Hayes…

Basketball mad

Emerdale lover

Smiley, never sad

Totally the best person ever



Oscar worthy

Tough and strong

Hero to me

Ended of troubles



Excellent at cooking

Very nice and kind

Everything you need to be a great person

Really just the best”


A poem beautifully written for her mom for a very special day, I was in awe. So a BIG thanks to all of the wonderful mothers out there. Especially my mommy, Jamie aka “Mama Boone” and my Irish mum Jillian Hayes. If the world truly acknowledged EVERYthing that you do then everyday would be Mother’s Day. 


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