March Madness is Here

March 20th, 2016 | Uncategorized

I am writing this blog as I am watching the Middle Tennessee State vs. Syracuse game in the NCAA Tournament. The NCAA Tournament, also called March Madness, is the “greatest show on Earth” (as my college coach would always describe it).  It is the top 64 college basketball teams competing at the highest level to become the National Champion. During my time at NC State, I was fortunate enough to be part of four teams that made it to the NCAA tournament and my freshman and senior year we somehow made it to the Sweet 16 (Quarterfinals). The tournament is referred to as “March Madness” because with so many games going on there are always games where a lesser ranked team upsets a higher ranked team and there are always games where a team wins on a last second shot. There can only be one national champion so that means 63 out of the 64 teams will end their season with a loss. That’s why the games are so fun to watch because the teams compete so hard and play with their season on the line.


March is hands down my favorite month of the year and that is simply because of the NCAA Tournament. It has been difficult with the time difference in Ireland to stay up late to watch many of the regular season college basketball games this year. But now it’s time for post-season. It’s time for the NCAA Tournament. It’s time for March Madness.  This is a whole different situation. Coffee will have to be added to my daily routine and my sleeping pattern will have to take a hit this month in order to watch these games….and I am 100% fine with that. Let the “Madness” begin!




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