Why Wouldn’t You Apply??

April 8th, 2016 | Uncategorized

As a student athlete just finishing your season and getting ready for graduation you have to be thinking about what’s next.  I know for me when I was at this point last year I was excited about graduation but also thinking about what I wanted my next move to be.  I knew that I wanted to continue to pursue my basketball goals of playing at the next level but I also wanted to put myself in a situation that would prepare me for life after basketball.  I know that the air comes out of the basketball for all of us at some point so why not put myself in the best position possible to pursue all of the other career goals I have as well. 


The Victory Scholar program has provided me with an opportunity to receive my Masters of Communication from the prestigious Ulster University.  I have been able to work with children and gain experience-coaching basketball.  I always wondered whether or not I would want to coach basketball at some point in my life and through my experience of being a victory scholar here at the Ulster University I can now say that coaching is definitely in my future.  The opportunity to continue to play the game you love, receive an awesome cultural experience, prepare yourself for life after sports, and receive a masters degree is a life changing experience.  Coming out of college in America and stepping straight in the real world of adult responsibilities may not be what you want right now in life, so give yourself the opportunity to be apart of something great and apply now.  I would have regretted not taking full advantage of this opportunity.  I am forever thankful for the opportunity of a lifetime that the Sports Changes Life Foundation, Ulster University, and my college coach Tim Coyne have provided me with. “To God Be The Glory”         


Present University: Ulster University

US League: East Coast Conference

Club/Community Partner Ulster Elks / Andersonstown Tigers

Alma Mater: St Thomas Aquinas College

Sponsored By: Teamwear Ireland

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