#1 Fans, My Everything

Posted By: Brittney Dunbar
Posted On: August 22nd, 2016
Attending: Waterford Institute of Technology

“We are so proud of you Britt. You are the best Dunbar yet.” My dad has always been my #1 fan. He was that parent at the games that had the pant, shirt, hat, watch, glasses, socks, etc., that all matched and had my name and face all over it. He even kept a notepad of all my stats during my games and no matter how good of a game I was having, it was always “you need to do this better.” The quote at the beginning of this blog is what my dad said to me as he hugged me and watched me fade away through security in the airport. This blog is about leaving behind my family and friends to write the next chapter of my life; literally.

My mom has always been my rock and foundation. No matter what I have gone through in my life, she is the only person that has always been there for me and I know she always will be. My entire life, she has only ever wanted to give me the best. Whether it was working to pay for private schools, for AAU season, and for countless other things, this woman is the embodiment of true strength. And all she’s ever asked for in return is for me to do the very best that I can. Being selected to become a Victory Scholar, I feel, has been one of the biggest accomplishments in my life and it makes me confident in saying that I am doing the very best that I can; for me and for her.

As you can begin to realize, my family is my everything. And I couldn’t write this post without mentioning my beautiful grandparents. My grandma and grandpa are also my #1 fans (as you can see, I’m lucky enough to have more than one). They practically raised me and molded me into the woman I am today. They hands down hold the record for “Attending the Most Basketball Games in Brittney Dunbar’s Career” (yes, I just added that to the Guinness Book Of World Records).

Next I have to make a special shout out to my best friend! I had the honor of being able to call her my teammate the past two years as well. I just want to let her know that she has impacted my life in the best way possible and made me a better person each day.

I want to take this time to thank all the above individuals and make sure they know how appreciative I am for them being in my life. I also want to thank all of my other family members, friends, coaches, teammates, and whoever else has helped me along my journey. You all will never understand the imprint you have left on my life. Thank you for believing in me and I will be sure to make you all proud.

PS: Of course thank you to Sport Changes Life for giving me this opportunity! Without you guys, who knows where my life would’ve been heading at this point (definitely not to Ireland).

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