Being selected as a Victory Scholar

Posted By: Patrick Hartnett
Posted On: August 16th, 2016
Attending: Ulster University

When I first found out what a Victory Scholar was, I was set in my mind that I had to become one right away! With being the one of the two golf Victory Scholars, it is such an honor to become a Victory Scholar!


After finding out I was selected to be a Victory Scholar, I wanted to tell everyone. The hardest part was keeping it secret before the launch date of the program. It was such a honor and a privilege to become a Victory Scholar. Once knowing I was a Victory Scholar, then the real fun started! I had to get all the paperwork done such as; applying for my MCS in Sport Development and Coaching and the University of Ulster- Jordanstown Campus. Once all that was done, I applied for my student visa which was such a handful. After all said and done, I was officially a Victory Scholar.


With being a Victory Scholar, it came with high expectations of us. The opportunity that was presented to us for being selected will not come easy. Hard work and dedication will be needed.


This truly is the opportunity of a lifetime!

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