From NYC to Newark to Dublin to Belfastäó_ Exhausting!

Posted By: T-John Casiello
Posted On: August 26th, 2016
Attending: Letterkenny Institute of Technology

The day after the launch event we walked around NYC for a couple hours and accomplished tasks we needed to do before we left the states. Then the time came to get ready to leave for the airport. The group was split up, many going to different airports and flying out at different times. My roommate Jack Mackey and I were together and on the same flight. Thank God because I was not comfortable enough with the NYC transit system to get us to Newark International. He was. After lugging our bags all across the city we were exhausted! Luckily, we made everything on time and got through security without a problem.


The flight over was smooth sailing. However, the seating was a little tighter than I thought it would be. So being in the middle seat was not conducive for sleeping. With the time difference and with time that we arrived it was pretty much like pulling an all-nighter. However, despite the lack of sleep everything went very smooth getting our luggage and going through customs. SCL did a great job on making it very easy for us to get from Dublin Airport to the headquarters in Belfast. I intended on staying up and taking in the scenic views of Ireland since it was my first trip here. However, I do not think I lasted more than 10 minutes, I just remember waking up in Belfast! The rest of the day was a blur!

The event was capped off by going up to Rory and talking with him, one-on-one, or a few minutes. After him speaking to a million people before me he was still so kind and welcoming. I was certainly quite impressed with how generous he was with me.


In conclusion, the event was way more than I could have ever anticipated and it will definitely be something I won't ever forget.


Oh and just when you thought it was over…Nike and Bose hooked it up with a bag of gear and speakers!!!

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