Get Lost

Posted By: Randyll Butler
Posted On: August 24th, 2016

We are finally getting settled into our new homes. All of the scholars left for their different countries and now it is just Will, Raychelle, Nyasha, Pat, Ryan and myself. Having a couple of free days, the first thing we decided to do was go to Belfast! Craving the Irish culture, we hopped on the first train into the city. We got off at Great Victoria Street and to äó¿my surprise it reminded me much of any city back at home. The station was lively–buses to Dublin and Galway, and Cork and back; trains to Carrickfergus, and Queens University, and Larne and back! It wasn’t just the transportation that was impressive. The station was also filled with the cutest wee cafes, shops to get your hair cut, eyebrows threaded, and nails done (You know where I’ll be!)  

Once everyone made it past the blueberry scones and chocolate cake it was time for us to see what this city was all about. The streets were just as busy as the train station. There were cafes on almost every corner and the streets were filled with ongoing traffic, tour stops, conversation, and shopping. Getting around the city, we found a wee cafe to have brunch and moments after we were on our way to Victoria Square Shopping Center. Just a wee tip, if you are trying to save money, do not go to Victoria Square! It is AMAZING! You can find all your trendy and fashionable shops and let's just say, I walked away with one bag too many.  

The city of Belfast is just the beginning. It will definitely be a place I visit often. Everything from the food, to the street entertainment, and most importantly–the people–were all things that illuminated the Irish culture. We had a little chat with a lad working in Lush and he gave us the best advice, “One day just hop on the wee train and get lost. Explore and take everything as it comes. Don’t have too much expectation and just enjoy your time.” Time to get lost.