Getting Selected as a Victory Scholar- One of the Happiest Moments

Posted By: T-John Casiello
Posted On: August 15th, 2016
Attending: Letterkenny Institute of Technology

When I first found out I was getting selected to be a Victory Scholar I was overwhelmed with many different emotions. Initially, it was such a relief to finally find out if I was going to Ireland with Sport Changes Life or if I would have to get a job and enter the real world. I was certainly glad it was the first option; an opportunity to continue to play basketball, get my masters degree, and coach young kids!


At the time I found out I would be attending Letterkenny I was obviously super excited and could not wait to tell my family and friends. I immediately shared the news with my family, but I quickly realized that my sister might have been even more thrilled than I, if that was even possible. Within minutes she was telling me all about the area I would be living in, and then soon after that she already had an entire trip planned.


In the next couple days I wanted to tell everyone about the amazing opportunity that I would be undergoing. Unfortunately, Sport Changes Life (SCL) requested that I keep it quiet until the official announcement was made. This was so difficult for me because I was so excited and passionate about it.


Lastly, during this time I knew it was the very beginning of a new and very different experience so I was surely nervous for what the future in Ireland, a place far away from home, would hold.

The event was capped off by going up to Rory and talking with him, one-on-one, or a few minutes. After him speaking to a million people before me he was still so kind and welcoming. I was certainly quite impressed with how generous he was with me.


In conclusion, the event was way more than I could have ever anticipated and it will definitely be something I won't ever forget.


Oh and just when you thought it was over…Nike and Bose hooked it up with a bag of gear and speakers!!!

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