Home Will Always Be There

Posted By: Randyll Butler
Posted On: August 21st, 2016

            Home is the place where most of us feel comfortable; somewhere we fit in, belong and are familiar with. However, as my mummy always says, “Home will always be there!” In saying so, my family and I all got together on the East coast to have a goodbye weekend celebration. My brother, Richard, and oldest sister, Rena, both live in New York city, making it a bit easier for the family and some close friends to get together one last time. The weekend was filled with embarrassing flashbacks, lively pastimes, singing (what they thought was singing) dancing, and witty craic. So, basically everything you cannot stand but love the most when it comes to your family.

            The only good thing about saying goodbye was being able to see their wee faces and knowing in due time, we will be back doing the same thing all over again. My family has been my rock. They have always pushed me to challenge my boundaries of discomfort. More so, they have urged me to learn to be able to feel comfortable in all and any aspects of my life. In fact, I’m a little behind on the new adventure side. My siblings have been travelling the world since before I can even remember. They have visited and lived in places such as: Australia, Taiwan, Barcelona, Singapore, Peru, Italy, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Beijing, Israel, and now Ireland. My mum is right. Home will always be there, but it will also be wherever I go–in my memories, my heart, and soul.