Sea of 23

Posted By: Nyasha Sarju
Posted On: August 22nd, 2016
Attending: Ulster University

I arrived to the Crompton Bar at half past 11, that is 11:30, to a sea of smiling faces and open arms. There was something special about the initial moment, an energy and buzz that ignited a fire of excitement in each one of us. The ball kept rolling as we began completing our different scavenger photo tasks in NYC and then culminated at the wonderful launch event at Nike that was made possible by many generous partners such as The Rory Foundation, Nike and Bose.


As we go through this year we hope to inspire kids and help raise their aspirations. Meeting professional golfer Rory McIlroy proved similarly inspiring to each of us. You know that moment when it hits you? When a dream becomes a reality? That was a reoccurring moment throughout the launch as we met our different partners, heard stories of previous scholars experiences throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland, and listened to Gareth aka Uncle G speak about the wonderful and life changing experience we were about to embark on.


At the launch we got to meet many previous Victory Scholars who got us jazzed about going to Ireland, we toured some of the Nike facilities, we got gifts of cool gear from Nike and Bose, we spoke with sponsors and donors, ate great food, and had many moments to take in the great excitement of the opportunity we had in front of us.

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