Traveling to Ireland and Belfast

Posted By: Patrick Hartnett
Posted On: August 25th, 2016
Attending: Ulster University

Traveling to Belfast was insane. SCL through us a curveball and told us we had to find our way to the airports. I was not expecting that one! So everyone was getting UBER and calling cabs and finding trains, and then there was me. With golf clubs that I need to carry around NYC. Not ideal to say the least. But, I went on my phone and started to find some car services that would take my clubs and my other luggage. I ordered myself a black car service to take me to Newark Liberty International airport. I got there, checked into my flight, checked my bags and found my gate. Knowing now at that moment, I was truly heading off to Ireland for the next 10 months. Boarding the plane was nothing new to me, but knowing where I was going, made the whole trip surreal. Luckily I was very exhausted and I slept for about five, five and half hours on the flight.


Landing in Belfast, made the whole experience finally real. I was in the city I would call home for the next 10 months. Once I got to SCL headquarters, it was time to wait for everyone else to come in from their travels, and hear some stories about their flights and things that had happened. We talked for a while, quickly made a budget for the week, and headed off to The University of Ulser-Jordanstown. I moved into my place and settled in to my room.


It was now time for training to start, and for the opportunity and experience of a lifetime to officially begin!

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